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Canandaigua City Council prioritizes infrastructure and flood mitigation in 2024 budget

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  • Staff Report 

The Canandaigua City Council, after consultation with City Manager John Goodwin and City Treasurer Nancy Abdallah, has outlined key priorities for the 2024 city budget.

Initially focusing on three main areas – infrastructure, flood mitigation, and maintaining a reasonable property tax impact – the Council later added funding for July 4 city-sponsored fireworks.

The proposed budget, presented on November 1, includes significant investments in infrastructure projects such as road reconstruction, bridge maintenance, and drainage improvements, particularly in response to damage caused by a July rainstorm and flooding.

The aftermath of the July 9 flooding has also led to a collaborative effort between Canandaigua City Council and the Town Board to prevent future flooding incidents, particularly along Sucker Brook. Both entities have agreed to allocate $150,000 each to fund completed flood-mitigation projects in 2024.

Additionally, the proposed budget adheres to state tax levy cap provisions, proposing a tax levy increase of 4.43%, slightly below the maximum allowed increase. This results in a modest tax rate hike, affecting the average single-family home with an increase of approximately $6.28 in their city tax bill.

Further addressing the city’s needs, the budget proposes succession planning in the police department, treasurer’s office, and public works department. This includes hiring additional police officers in anticipation of upcoming retirements and replacing the retiring City Treasurer.

Water and sewer rates are set to increase, but remain below the national average for these services. The City Council will continue to review and finalize the budget, with adoption scheduled for December 7.