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Choosing the Perfect Natural Diamond Earrings: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

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Diamond earrings are a staple of anyone’s jewelry box. They go with everything from athleisure looks to an evening gown, so everyone should have a pair locked away for special occasions and everyday wearing. But what earrings should you invest in? Well, no one is saying you need to stick to one pair, but if you’re wondering where to start or what the best pair of earrings would be for you, take a look at our tips.

The Four C’s

If you’re looking for quality diamonds for your earrings, you’ll want to learn The Four C’s to understand what you’re looking for. The Four C’s are made up of cut, color, clarity and carat. The cut refers to the quality of the diamond and how it is proportioned. The aim is to maximize light through the diamond for the best brilliance. When shopping, you’re looking for a cut grade of Excellent or Very Good.

The color is a bit misleading in that you’re looking for as little color as possible to allow as much light through as possible. You’re looking for a color grade of D, E, or F there.

The clarity refers to the absence of flaws inside the diamond, again, to let the light hit it. However, flawless diamonds are extremely rare, so look for clarity of VVS1 or VVS2 for an appearance of flawlessness to the eye.

And finally, the carat determines the diamond’s weight. Larger diamonds tend to be more expensive due to being rarer, so 0.5-1 carat makes a noticeable impact.

Your metal choices

What metal you go with will ultimately come down to your own personal style, but it’s a good idea to invest in a metal that you are wearing regularly since it’s the rebellious thing to do to mix metals. However, there are things to consider for every metal, such as yellow gold’s warm tones when compared to silver, platinum, or white gold.

Platinum is naturally white and durable, much like diamonds themselves, which only amplifies these features. It also interestingly works with both warm and cool jewelry aesthetics, allowing the diamond to take center stage. Additionally, white gold is known for complementing the brilliance of diamonds due to its white metal aesthetic.

There is also rose-gold, which is another warm-toned option with a more feminine, romantic look. Like platinum, it compliments both warm and cool skin undertones so it looks good on everyone, much like diamonds. You can find special natural diamond earrings in all of these options on websites like Best Brilliance.

What style to go with?

There are lots of styles of earrings, but commonly diamond earrings come in four main forms. These classic styles are the best starting point for deciding what you want to wear.

There are stud earrings that come in round, princess, or oval shapes. These are classic choices that suit daily wear. Additionally, clusters and halos feature arrays of smaller diamonds for gorgeous sparkle balanced across the earring.

Diamond hoop earrings come in sleek, modern styles as well as elaborate vintage designs. Determine size and diamond details based on personal preference. There are also drops and chandeliers that make glamorous statements and work nicely with an updo. Opt for slim, elegant shapes and properly proportioned designs for maximum bling impact.

External circumstances

There are a lot of diamond earring styles that you can go with, including studs, hoops, drops, and cluster designs. Think about your options and how they might be affected by ear piercing placement, hair length, and personal style.

For example, hair length matters because you want to be able to see them. Any earring will go well with any haircut, but some combinations offer a little something more. Like short hair and updos with studs and clusters is standard because a short haircut will allow smaller earrings to shine, shoulder length hair looks good with drops and chandeliers to showcase the dangling styles and larger hoops stand out better against long locks. Additionally, forehead framing bangs will draw attention to earrings so studs and smaller drops or hoops will nicely accent the face, and face-framing layers will compliment smaller studs nicely.

When it comes to ear piercing placement, you might find that you gravitate to different styles for different placements. A lot of the reasons come down to practical choices, such as larger earrings and hoops on high cartilage or helix piercings causing irritation. If you have a few different lobe piercings, you can balance sparkle across your multiple piercings and mix solid silver and gold studs with diamonds to not overwhelm.

And of course, if your personal style is about breaking the rules, then gladly disregard everything already said.


Ultimately, these are guidelines rather than rules. The best part of fashion is breaking the rules, but these rules are as timeless as diamonds themselves, so you can imagine they hold up as much as diamonds do themselves. Follow our tips and you’ll have a pair of earrings that suit you perfectly.

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