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Need health insurance? State marketplace kicks off open enrollment

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New Yorkers seeking health insurance through the state’s marketplace can mark their calendars for November 16, when the open enrollment period for the coming year commences.

Individuals interested in having their coverage effective by January 1, 2024, are urged to enroll by December 15, according to Danielle Holahan, Executive Director of New York State of Health. The state is offering a wide array of coverage options, with costs varying based on income and the selected insurance plan.

The enrollment window, which typically runs from November 1 through January 31, has adapted to the pandemic’s changing landscape.

“The New York state of health operates a fully integrated marketplace across public and commercial insurance,” said Holahan. This integrated approach aims to ensure that economic circumstances do not bar individuals from securing insurance. The commercial health plans are the only ones with a fixed enrollment period within the marketplace.

Enrollment can be undertaken through three main avenues: by calling the customer service center at 855-355-5777, with the assistance of a local certified enrollment helper – the most popular method – or by self-enrolling.

To facilitate the process, the marketplace website offers an anonymous shopping feature, allowing potential enrollees to estimate costs without providing personal information. Holahan emphasizes that enrolling in coverage should always be cost-free, reminding the public that the official website for the marketplace is