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The Rising Popularity of Drones in 2023 and its Uses

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While they’ve had somewhat of a murky past and some haven’t welcomed the use of drones, they’ve remained present regardless. Just like any new form of technology or change, it can take society some time to get used to it all. With drones, despite, their appearance is more prominent in the last five years, they’ve been around since the early 1900s.

Are drones rising in popularity? Of course! In 2023, they’re being used in a variety of ways for the purpose of business, safety and personal enjoyment.

Whether you’re a business or not, there are plenty of benefits to using drones, despite them having somewhat of a reputation in the past. Let’s take a look at the history of drones, what advantages they bring and where you can typically find them being used in the world today.

Drones and their history

The earliest record of use for unmanned aerial vehicles was during warfighting in July of 1849. This was a balloon carrier and used as an offensive in air power for naval aviation. Since then, they’ve been used more and more, with many pilotless vehicles being developed in both the UK and the US during the First World War.

Many UAVs would act as decoys in combat but have since become useful across many industries beyond just warfighting. There are four main types of drones, these include:

  • Single-rotor drones
  • Fixed-wing drones
  • Multi-rotor drones
  • Fixed-wing hybrid vertical takeoff and landing drones (VTOL)

The functionality of drones has changed significantly, especially as many industries have discovered their benefits and uses of them. These include monitoring climate change to carrying out search and rescue operations. Creatively, they’re being used in film, television and photography.

They have proved significant in many ways, which is why it’s worth considering one for yourself, depending on your needs.

Benefits of drones

So what are the benefits of using drones? How are they helping companies and individuals alike? While they may have been used predominantly for the war efforts, there are plenty of opportunities whereby drones are now being used for a great benefit.

Let’s take a look at how drones have benefitted more industries in the years leading up to 2023.

Special deliveries

Not everyone has the luxury of living in an accessible area such as well well-populated city or town. Even those in these locations are expectant for technology to help benefit their lifestyles. As such, drones have become useful in the delivery of goods and services.

There has been an increasing number of companies making use of drones in order to deliver products and services to their customers. You may have heard about Amazon being one of the leaders in the use of drones to help deliver packages to its customers. While it’s still early days, we could perhaps see an increase in drones being used to deliver goods in a flash.

As a society, we do expect a lot more from businesses when we spend our money. Not only would drones benefit many in general, but they may also be useful in reaching those who are located in more rural and hard-to-reach places.

Location siting

For many businesses operating in the landscaping world, the use of drones has been extremely helpful form mapping out locations, especially in hard-to-reach places.

With drones, one of the major advantages is the space they can cover regardless of the terrain or expanse of land that needs mapping out. Unlike humans who would need to map out and operate on foot, a drone can do it all from above and in a fraction of the time.

For location siting, drones have become significantly more popular in recent years whether it’s for the purpose of development or conservation. A drone like the DJI L2 shows just how easy mapping locations has become.

Analysis and data

Drones are able to capture a lot of imagery and data that can help with strengthening business workflows and decision-making. It’s already something that’s being used actively whether that is gathering information on their customers or alternatively, on their competitors.

The point to remember is that drone collections can provide the beginning of a larger journey of imagery analysis and data science that goes beyond mapping to strengthen entire workflows. And, it’s already being applied by innovative industry leaders.

What are drones being used for in 2023?

Drones have been used in various industries and continue to be invested in for their usage beyond just coordinating surveillance or for combat in war. Let’s take a look at a few industries in which drones are benefiting them in 2023.

Military and emergency services

As it’s already been mentioned, drones are actively used within the military services. They’ve become a great resource in many of the tasks carried out within the military whether that be in active combat or on training grounds.

There are also plenty of uses for it when it comes to emergency services. Whether that’s searching for missing individuals to capturing criminals who might be on the run. For rescue services, drones can often go where humans cannot, which is helpful when trying to find and locate those who may be injured or in danger.


A lot of filmmaking now revolves around the use of drones. For a long time, to capture the birdseye view from up above, helicopters and other vehicles/equipment used for flying were in operation.

Nowadays, a lot of them will use drones because they’re certainly more compact and will likely get better shots as a result.

Not only are they being used for the purpose of screen and television, but they’re also being used by many videographers for the purpose of event work and celebrations. For example, many couples getting married will use the services of videographers who use drones to capture footage of the venue from afar.


In agriculture, drones help to monitor crops, as well as helping to spray and disperse fertilisers and pesticides. This sort of work has helped utilize and streamline the efforts of farmers who would have otherwise had to do it all manually.

By monitoring crops, farmers can better their chances at a more successful crop, especially if problems can be discovered before they get worse. For many farmers and those operating within the agricultural industry, it’s essential that success is being made. The demand on food consumption is certainly becoming more prevalent with more people on earth than ever before.

Delivery services

It’s already been mentioned but a lot of delivery services are now looking to invest more into drone technology to help bring goods and services that might not have been accessible to some prior. 

While a lot of goods might be somewhat generic, the use of drones and their ability to travel in the air means they can get vital goods to and from places a lot quicker. We could perhaps see this being used within the medical field when it comes to getting vital supplies and perhaps even live organs from one hospital to another. 

Development and conservation

For any business working within the industry of development, access to drones has become very beneficial. In scenarios where the land itself might be vast or dangerous on foot, it can be helpful to use drones to inspect and explore these areas without needing to threaten the safety of employees and clients.

As they are compact and versatile, movement in and out of derelict buildings that might be weak in terms of structure, are easy for drones to navigate.

In the world of conservation, drones are again, very effective in surveying the areas and identifying potential problem points. They can acquire a lot more data, especially in places where animals might be threatened by extinction. 

Drones help conservation projects and individuals assess these areas and animals from a distance, avoiding any further endangerment as a result.

How to use drones for yourself in 2023

If you’re looking to explore the world of drones, then now is certainly the best time to do so. While they may be still somewhat expensive as an investment for the average person, they do offer plenty of advantages that can very quickly justify such an expense.

Explore the market

There are lots of drone types out there nowadays and you can expect that to increase as drones become more popular. Therefore, it’s worth exploring the market and discovering all of the options that are out there in order to find the right one for you and your needs.

Look at the unique features offered

Every drone is different whether that’s their sizing, compatibility with other equipment and more. There are lots of different features to look for so make sure you’ve got a list of your needs and wants, as well as an understanding of what each drone can offer you as a user.

The rising popularity of drones is apparent and something that will continue to become more dominant in the world of technology. It’s certainly worth embracing drones and acknowledging that they’ll become a major influence in the world going forward.

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