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FEMA unveils revised flood maps for Ontario County

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in collaboration with state and Ontario County officials has released updated flood maps, urging residents to review the new information and understand the potential impacts on their properties. An open house is set for Nov. 9, from 3-7 p.m. at the county safety training facility on County Road 48. Residents can drop in at any time during the session to speak with FEMA representatives about the revised flood risks and possible changes to flood insurance requirements.

The newly presented digital maps, replacing the current paper versions from the 1970s through ’90s, offer a clearer and more transparent understanding of flood risks across various communities. The data indicates significant changes in flood hazards for some areas compared to older maps. Notably, around 200 structures might be removed from the high-risk flood zone, while nearly 3,000 others could be added. Moreover, some areas, especially around Honeoye Lake, could see increased flood elevation levels. Despite not individually notifying property owners of map changes, FEMA emphasizes the importance of homeowners and renters checking the updated maps online and understanding their property’s flood risk.

Flooding remains a primary natural disaster concern in Ontario County, with 56 recorded flood events between 1996 to 2023 causing over $20 million in damages. After the upcoming 90-day appeal period, during which residents can submit feedback, FEMA plans to finalize the maps by spring 2024. Once approved, the new digital flood insurance maps will take effect six months later. Property owners seeking accommodations for the open house should contact FEMA’s Civil Rights Resource Line.