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The Easiest Way to Recover Lost or Deleted Files from Your USB Drive

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Have you lost your USB files? No worries: you can try a data recovery tool to restore all the lost files flawlessly. There can be numerous situations like virus infection or formatting results in lost data. Many people also complain about internet glitches that delete the flash drive’s existing data. To tackle such scenarios, you have to use professional data recovery software.

While selecting a data recovery tool, ensure to analyze its user reviews. By doing so, you can check its reputation and reliability. This article will introduce a similar tool that is recognized globally. Through this tool, you can execute flash data recovery and other functions.

Part 1: Uncovering the Best USB Data Recovery with Wondershare Recoverit

To ensure a successful USB data recovery, we recommend you use Wondershare Recoverit. Using this desktop software, you can recover over 1000 data types. The recovery process only involves three simple steps. It uses advanced technology to recover deleted data from the Recycle Bin, USB drives, or crashed computers.

This data recovery tool can also recover lost emails, archives, and miscellaneous files. For USB data recovery, it supports all renowned brands like SanDisk, Toshiba, Sony, etc. It also supports all scenarios that cause the loss of files on a USB drive. Examples are improper ejection, electrical issues, file system corruption, etc.

If you want more accurate results, you can launch a deep scan through this tool. In its free version, you can recover up to 100MB of data without facing complications. Furthermore, you can retrieve files in batch to improve your work efficiency.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Video Recovery: This tool functions as the best video recovery tool. It ensures proficient video recovery in over 500 scenarios. You can execute HD video recovery on your 4K and 8K videos. You can try its advanced video recovery feature to run a deep scan on hidden videos.
  • Audio Recovery: With this feature, you can restore all the deleted audio files from any storage device. The supported audio formats are MP3, AFC, AIFC, AAC, etc. You can also preview the audio files before recovering them. Moreover, it does not modify the original settings of your audio.
  • NAS Data Recovery: Have you lost your data on NAS drives? Recoverit can retrieve lost data from NAS servers with accuracy. It’s a compatible tool as it recognizes many NAS brands like QNAP, ASUSTOR, etc. Hence, with RAID reconstruction, you can execute safe NAS recovery.
  • Windows System Recovery: Many tools are incapable of recovering lost data from a crashed computer. In contrast, this tool can retrieve desired data from a crashed computer. If you are facing booting problems or a black screen, this data recovery tool can work in every problematic situation.
  • Enhanced Photo Recovery: Through this effective software, you can also target lost photos. With its comprehensive scanning, you can retrieve your original photos. You can also recover pictures from a damaged SD card. The tool will execute a deep scan to find the lost pictures from any damaged external device.

Part 2: How to Get the Most Out of Your USB With Robust Data Recovery Tool

Have you ever used data recovery software? If you are hesitant to use a data recovery tool, this section will help. You can find accurate steps to use Recoverit for USB data recovery. Hence, carefully apply these instructions for a successful recovery.

Step 1: Connect the USB Drive

First, attach your USB drive to the computer and ensure it recognizes it after connecting to the USB port. Following this, launch the Wondershare Recoverit tool on your PC. Once the main interface is launched, select the desired location. Tap on “Hard Drives and Locations” and choose the location where your USB drive is attached.

Step 2: Begin the USB Recovery Process

Now, tap the “Start” button to begin the flash drive data recovery scan process. The tool will run an entire scan on your external drive. Before saving the results, you can preview the results without any limitations. After previewing, click the “Recover” button. Make sure to save the recovered deleted or missing file in a secure place.

Part 3: The Best Tips to Maximize USB Data Recovery Success

While using this data recovery software, you can enhance the success rate of your USB data recovery. In this part, we will offer some useful tips through which you can generate effective results with this software.

  • Support for Storage Devices: This tool supports over 2000 storage devices. Examples are digital cameras, NAS servers, Linux devices, recorders, etc. It also recognizes all famous brands of storage devices to offer the best service.
  • Quick and Deep Scans: Are your lost files deeply hidden? With enhanced recovery options, you can launch fast and deep scans. You can also select to run a scan on a single or multiple files.
  • Preview Option: Do you want to get satisfactory results? You can use the preview button to analyze the retrieved files closely. If you get the desired results, you can then hit the Recover button.
  • Recover Corrupted Files: On finding corrupted files during the recovery process, the tool can fix them automatically. After affixing corrupted files, the tool will recover them instantly.
  • Displays Scanning Bar: This tool displays a scanning progress bar on the screen to keep you updated. You can check the number of files recovered through this bar. Moreover, it will also update you about the scanned hard drives.
  • Multiple Screen Resolutions: You can adjust different screen resolutions on this tool. The supported resolutions are 100%, 125%, and 150%. By adjusting these, you can enhance your user experience.


USB data recovery is a crucial process if you are non-tech savvy. Therefore, it’s essential to utilize a data recovery tool like Recoverit. This tool uses patented technology to ensure a secure recovery process. It provides many filter options so that you can navigate to your desired file easily. Furthermore, this tool has 20 years of experience and knowledge of recovery technologies.

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