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Big broadband money coming to New York: How will $664M be spent?

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New York State is set to benefit from the largest-ever investment in broadband expansion, amounting to more than $664.6 million, as part of an effort to extend internet service to areas currently lacking access.

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

The funds, which were announced on Monday, are sourced from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer underscored the significance of this investment in bridging the state’s digital divide. He highlighted the internet’s crucial role in work, education, and healthcare, emphasizing that access is a necessity rather than a luxury. Schumer noted that this investment targets all communities across the state, from rural areas to busy city neighborhoods, that have struggled with reliable high-speed internet service.

Schumer made the announcement in Pavilion, Genesee County, during a press conference on Monday morning. Further details on the federal funding and its deployment in expanding New York’s broadband services are expected to be released soon.