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Lawmakers push to ease restrictions on professional wrestling

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New York State’s longstanding professional wrestling scene, tracing back over 70 years to the days of Vince McMahon Sr., is looking at potential regulatory changes.

For years, promoters from WWE to local independents have faced strict regulations and scrutiny from the state’s athletic commission, a situation lawmakers want to change.

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Currently, professional wrestling falls under the same regulation as boxing and mixed martial arts, classifying it as a combat sport.

This presents significant financial burdens to smaller companies like Xcite Wrestling.

The company must meet hefty requirements, including yearly licensing, a $20,000 surety bond, and on-site ambulances at every show. These expenses precede even paying the wrestlers.

Despite current hurdles, Xcite Wrestling continues to focus on its primary goal of entertaining fans at a fraction of the cost of a WWE show. Xcite Wrestling’s next events are scheduled for June 30 at the Arnot Mall in Horseheads and July 1 at the Oakdale Commons.