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State police overwhelmed by Red Flag Law requests

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Last year, the expansion of New York’s Red Flag Law, which permits the confiscation of firearms from individuals deemed a risk to themselves or others, has led to a significant increase in related cases. This surge, however, is straining the resources of State Police investigators.

Timothy Dymond, the President of the New York State Police Investigators Association, emphasized the need for additional resources to manage the increase without compromising other investigations. Although the recently approved $229 billion budget has provided funding for additional State Police personnel and technological upgrades, officer attrition over recent years has caused a depletion in the ranks.

Assemblywoman Pat Fahy praised the effectiveness of the Red Flag Law in curbing gun violence and urged for better coordination among local, county, and state law enforcement.

However, Republicans, including state Senator Dan Stec, have expressed skepticism, insisting that more resources are needed for effective implementation. Stec also shared concerns of the State Police Investigators Association, highlighting that the increased paperwork could detract from other crime-related duties.