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225,000+ will be in attendance at PGA Championship in Rochester: Tickets now sold out

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The 2023 PGA Championship, taking place May 15-21 at the prestigious Oak Hill Country Club, has announced a complete sell-out of tickets. An astonishing 225,000 spectators are expected to attend the week-long event, showcasing the immense popularity of championship golf in Monroe County.

2023 PGA Championship Director Bryan Karns expressed his excitement for the event, attributing the ticket sell-out as a testament to the appeal of Monroe County as a major golf destination. He confidently stated, “It’s a very good indicator that Rochester is a home for major championship golf, and Monroe County is the place you want to continue to come back to. Because of that support, I have no doubt it’s going to be an incredible week.”

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For those still eager to attend the 2023 PGA Championship, On Location’s Official Ticket Exchange offers a chance to purchase and sell tickets that are otherwise unavailable. On Location also provides travel packages, including hotel accommodations, premium hospitality, transportation to the course, and on-site concierge support. More information on the Official Ticket Exchange and travel packages can be found at

This year’s championship marks the fourth time Oak Hill has hosted the PGA Championship, with the course originally designed by Donald Ross in 1925. The 2023 event will be the first Major Championship since Andrew Green’s recent restoration, which aimed to align the course more closely with Ross’ initial vision. Notable changes to holes 5, 6, and 15, as well as new greens and bunkers, will bring an exciting update to the historic course.