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NYSEG, RG&E says customers owe $180M as late fees, service shutoffs resume: What repayment plans are available?

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New York State Electric & Gas and Rochester Gas and Electric are offering assistance and repayment options to help customers with unpaid bills for their electricity and/or gas service. With the end of COVID-related and winter season pauses on service disconnections and the expiration of the Companies’ Late Payment Charge Suspension announced last fall, utilities across New York State have resumed collections this week, in compliance with state law.

Theresa VanBrooker, vice president of Customer Service at NYSEG and RG&E, emphasized that financial help is available for customers with unpaid bills. “When past-due bills are taken care of, it benefits all customers, as the burden of unpaid balances is shared by all rate payers. But most importantly, it means people who need help the most are getting it.”

Residential customers facing difficulty paying their utility bill should contact Customer Service to inquire about assistance and options. Disconnections will only be enforced if customers take no action after receiving multiple bills, calls, and notices, as mandated by the New York State Public Service Commission. Currently, more than $180 million in debt is owed by NYSEG and RG&E customers who are over 60 days past due.

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The Companies introduced an Electric and Gas Bill Relief Program in 2022 to address the financial hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Approved by the New York State Public Service Commission, the program provided one-time bill credits to reduce past-due balances for eligible New Yorkers. In January 2023, additional relief was approved for customers who had not previously received a bill relief credit. Qualifying residential and small business customers were eligible for a one-time bill credit up to $1,250 at NYSEG and $1,500 at RG&E.

NYSEG and RG&E are making deferred payment agreements and other assistance available for eligible customers. Payment plans can be arranged online or by calling the Companies to find a solution together. For more information on bill assistance or other available resources, visit or Help With Bill – RGE.

To contact NYSEG, call 888-315-1755, and for RG&E, call 877-266-3492.