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Could a cash incentive help develop more EV charging across New York?

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  • Edwin Viera 

Orange and Rockland counties in New York are instituting a cash-incentive program for electric-vehicle owners.

The SmartCharge New York program began this month. It’s a partnership between the two counties, Con Edison and

People can earn money through the program when they charge their EVs during “grid-friendly” times such as overnight hours, and if they avoid charging on hot summer afternoons.

Joseph Vellone – head of North America operations for – said feedback from a soft launch of the program earlier this year provided a great deal of insight.

“I think the main thing, really, that we’re hearing is that consumers love the savings,” said Vellone. “The current economy, it’s pretty uncertain. Consumers are still definitely feeling the pinch of inflation, and this is a great way for New York-area EV drivers to get cash back in their wallets.”

During the soft launch, more than 5,000 people signed up for this program.

This is one more way New York state is working to get more EVs on the road since legislation was passed to ban the sale of combustion-engine cars by 2035.

While SmartCharge New York gets underway, is working on other incentive programs that’ll be in different parts of the state.

Other programs might have a similar framework to SmartCharge New York, but Vellone said these details are still being worked out.

“We are working with the utilities,” said Vellone, “on really innovating and coming up with innovative program designs and consumer benefits in these programs.”

He added that is looking to test out a subscription program that would cap the rebate amount people receive.

Vellone said there could be several other EV charging rebate programs up and running by the end of this year.

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