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13 Basic Equipment You Should Have for Your Horse

Horse riding is fun and exciting. As a horse owner or trainer, there are basic pieces of equipment you should use for training your equines. These tools are vital for your horse’s health and welfare. You can check out Caribu horse rugs and accessories to properly care for your horses.

Although there are several pieces of equipment to purchase, here are the basic thirteen tools you should have either as a beginner or veteran horse trainer and rider.

1. Hackamores

As one of the basic equipment for horses, a hackamore is a necessary tool for training your equines. It is a type of harness that comes without a bit. The function is to exert pressure through the noseband for easy communication with your horse. Though several other types of harnesses come with a bit, the hackamore is convenient to use.

2. Grooming Tools

Grooming tools are one of the basic equipment a horse owner should have. For your horse to stay fit and healthy, you need various grooming tools. Its function is to make your equine’s coat shine and boost circulation. Also, it notifies you whenever your horse has a health-related issue.

However, there are several types of grooming tools you can get. The good news is that they are not expensive and can be purchased easily in different vet stores. Be sure to check with your veterinary doctor to get the right grooming tools for your horse.

3. Bridles

The harness comes with a headpiece, bit, and reins, unlike hackamores. Bridles are tired on the horse’s neck and head. They all work together to ensure you communicate and connect easily with your horse.

To have a smooth riding experience with your horse without discomfort, ensure you get bridles. It is advisable to get the right harness to train your horse easily.

4. Feeding gears

Another basic piece of equipment necessary for your horse’s upkeep is feeding gear. Although equines love grazing and eating, you must purchase feeding equipment too.

Feeding gear is essential for your horses to ensure they are healthy and function efficiently. The feeding equipment includes a feeding bucket, storage bin, water trough, and water heater for those who live in freezing areas.

5. Leg Boots

One of the basic pieces of equipment you should have for your horse. Note that there are several purposes for your horse using leg boots. They can keep their feet warm if you ride in a cold environment. 

Leg boots’ main purpose is to provide support while shipping and protect legs from interference injuries, especially the legs of a jumping horse. Cleaning and polishing your horse’s leg boots make them last longer.

6. Thermatex Boots

This type of boot helps keep legs warm during winter, unlike the normal boot worn for protection. As you know, cold isn’t too good for pets. The thermatex boots help to protect your horse’s leg from cold during winter. It is great for horses with poor hoof growth.

The good thing is that you can purchase just a pair, and it will be fine. But ensure you get the one that fits perfectly well.

7. Stirrup Leathers and Irons

Stirrup leathers and irons are the types of metal rings that are placed on your feet while riding a horse. The irons help in providing a sturdy flat base for your feet while you ride. At the same time, the leather helps get the iron fitted between your feet and the horse.

8. Halters

Halters are designed using nylon, leather, or rope. This equipment has a metal ring to which you will attach the lead rope. They are one of the basic head equipment worn by a horse for training and leading horses. You easily purchase the halter at different stores, both offline and online.

9. Saddle, Saddle Pad, and Girth

Saddles are equipment meant to fit both the horse and its rider. They are essentially needed to make sure that you and your horse remain safe while having fun riding. But you must ensure they are properly measured to get the right fit for you and your horse.

10. Reins

Reins are straps designed to hook the harness and guide the horse. They work together with the bridles, headpiece, and others to easily connect and communicate with the horse while riding. However, some bridles come with reins, so there will be no need to buy them separately.

While fitting the reins on your horse, ensure it isn’t too tight to keep your horse safe.

11. Barn and pasture maintenance tools

Barn and maintenance tools pack, maintain and clean your horses’ wastes. These equipment include Pitchforks, wheelbarrows, shovels, and brooms. They are also very essential to have in the home. 

To ensure the safety of your horses, the barn and pasture maintenance tools must be clean at all times. Keeping the equipment clean will guard against the spread of germs and diseases.

12. Bits

Horse bits are basic equipment needed for safety training and riding horses. Bits come in three categories which are snaffle, double, and Pelham. Depending on the size of your horse, ensure you purchase the right bit type and size for a comfortable horse riding experience.

13. Deosect

As you know, one of the ways to care for your pet is to prevent flies and other insects from getting close to them. Deosect is a powerful insecticide that is used to repel flies. It is one of the basic things you should have for your horses. The good thing about Deosect is that it is not expensive and can be found easily on the market.

Safely Train and Ride Your Horse!

The process can be overwhelming when it comes to getting basic equipment for your horses, especially if you’re a beginner. Although there is more equipment, you can start with these basic tools. Acquiring the above items will help you take care of your horse properly, as proper care guarantees your safety.

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