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Walter Bennett wins race for mayor in Waterloo

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Walter Bennett is the new mayor of Waterloo.

He maintained his 12 vote lead over Democrat Gina Suffredini, making him the next mayor.

Both the Republican and Democrat added 45 votes to their counts, bringing the total count to 371-359.

The Seneca County Board of Elections will perform a hand count on Thursday. After that, the results will be deemed ‘official’.

Original Report: Tied up going into absentee counts in Waterloo mayoral race

There are 81 absentee ballots and those will be the ones that decide who the next mayor of Waterloo will be.

As of Tuesday voting, Republican Walter Bennett leads Democrat Gina Suffredini 326 to 314.

There are 81 absentee ballots to be counted, as well as two affidavid ballots.

Those votes are expected to be counted this morning around 10 a.m.

There were four on the ballot for two open trustee seats on the village board. Republicans AJ Trahms and Patricia Bartran defeated Democrats Lee Boise and Larry Warfel.