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Happy at work? New survey says 20% of workers don’t feel appreciated

A recent survey by Snappy, a gift-giving company for employers to their employees, found that one in five American workers feel underappreciated or unrecognized for their contributions in the workplace.

The survey conducted in January 2023 had over 1,500 workers from across the United States participate, and the results showed that the majority of workers are satisfied with their job security, career growth, and appreciation.

However, the survey also found that just over 20% of respondents felt that their contributions were not appreciated, while over 18% reported that they would be searching for a new job this year due to reasons such as pay, lack of respect in their current role, concerns about the company culture or future, and career growth.

The report emphasized the need for companies to recognize their employees’ contributions and accomplishments with “tokens of appreciation” or gifts. According to the survey, employees would like to see recognition for occasions such as work anniversaries, birthdays, project completion, and life celebrations. Additionally, they would like recognition from not just their superiors but also their direct managers, CEO, peers, and the people they manage themselves.

These findings suggest that employers need to prioritize recognizing their employees’ contributions, which could help boost job satisfaction and retention rates.

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