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Apple’s new Clean Energy Charging is slowing you down: How can it be turned off?

Apple’s new Clean Energy Charging feature, designed to reduce carbon emissions, has been causing some iPhone users to report slow charging times. The feature was introduced in a new iOS update last fall, alongside other features like the ability to edit text messages after they have been sent and lock screen customizations.

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According to Apple, Clean Energy Charging is automatically turned on after the iOS 16.1 update or if you purchase a new iPhone. The feature provides a forecast of carbon emissions in the user’s local energy grid and uses it to charge the phone during times of cleaner energy production. However, users have reported slow charging times, particularly when electrical use is high, or if they live in areas that rely on higher carbon emission electricity.

Apple has explained that Clean Energy Charging works with another feature, Optimized Battery Charging, to learn the user’s charging habits. It will only kick in when the phone is being charged in a location where the user spends the most time and regularly charges their phone for long periods. The feature will not impact the user when they are traveling or in a new location.

Users can turn off Clean Energy Charging by heading to Settings, then Battery, then Battery Health & Charging, and toggling the feature off. If the feature stops the phone from charging, a notification will appear on the lock screen explaining when the phone will be fully charged. Users can touch and hold the notification and tap ‘Charge Now’ if they need the phone fully charged sooner.

It is important to note that slow charging times may also be due to other factors, such as an older phone model, a damaged charging cable, or the phone becoming too warm while charging.

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