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DEC adds hundreds of chemicals to list of hazards in toys

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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) recently announced the addition of hundreds of toxic chemicals to the list of chemical hazards that may be present in toys. This move is part of the state’s efforts to enhance the protection of children’s health.

To ensure deeper transparency from manufacturers, New York will require that manufacturers disclose the chemicals in toys at the level of the Universal Product Code (UPC code). This means that parents will know exactly what toxic chemicals are in the item they are purchasing.

According to Bobbi Wilding, the executive director of Clean + Healthy, “This will actually give parents the information that they need when they’re shopping.” The move is a significant step towards the implementation of the New York State Toxic Chemicals in Children’s Products Law, which was passed in 2020. Once the DEC finalizes the regulations, the law will provide more information to parents than any other state.

The public comment period for the chemicals is open until March 20.

The mandate will significantly help parents make informed decisions about what products to buy for their children. With the addition of hundreds of hazardous chemicals to the list, the DEC aims to improve children’s safety by minimizing their exposure to harmful substances in toys.