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How to Grow YouTube Channel Triggering Factors

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Launching a successful YouTube channel can be a gratifying experience. With 2.1 billion monthly active users worldwide, there’s a potential to reach millions of YouTube viewers and build devoted fans following. Yet, it’ll take time to get an audience that will let you break the YouTube algorithm.

If you are looking to grow your YouTube channel fast and efficiently, you can do it with careful planning and execution. In this blog post, you’ll be reading 20 triggering factors to hit on YouTube.

How to grow a YouTube channel?

In today’s digital age, many people turn to YouTube for entertainment and educational purposes. YouTube uses search engines for several factors to provide a better user experience, such as popularity, keywords to relevant to user search, and engagement to determine which videos appear first on the search engine results page.

Here are the well-experienced tips for meeting YouTube requirements and increasing the visibility of your videos and YouTube channel.

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Keywords are essential tools of YouTube strategy to increase visibility and make it easier for people to find your video content. So, when you create a video for your YouTube channel, it’s important to make sure that you produce relevant content and that it’s optimized for search engines.

You also need to consider the fact that people don’t always look for a video on YouTube but also on Google. So, it’s beneficial to use relevant keywords that appear on Google search results as well. To find keywords for your video titles and descriptions:

Use A Keyword Tool:

When it comes to selecting your primary and secondary keywords, keyword tools can be extremely helpful. There are many keyword tools you can use, such as:

  • YouTube Analytics
  • Google Trends
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner

Study Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

If you want your YouTube videos to appear on search results, you need to study them. Instead of using long-tail keywords, which have lower search volume, prioritize keywords that highlight video-based content on search results. For example, how-to videos and tutorials appear before written content on Google search results.

Check Other Channels:

Another way to determine your target keywords is to check your competitors. Don’t hesitate to visit channels that have the same or similar niche as you and analyze their most popular video keywords.

Customize Your YouTube Channel Page

The information you provide on your page increases trust and reliability. It helps viewers to differentiate your YouTube channel from others and strengthen your branding presence. So, provide information about your channel, niche, and contact information such as email addresses or links to other social media platforms.

Customize your profile picture and banner using the font and color palette that you apply to your other social media channels as well. Add an intro trailer video to the channel visitors and share your featured or new videos with re-visitors.

Verify Your YouTube Account

The YouTube verification process helps YouTube verify your channel as authentic rather than a spam bot. Getting approval for monetizing your channel also depends on verifying your YouTube account. By verifying your account on YouTube, you can access many features. Such as:

  • Uploading videos that are over 15 minutes,
  • Uploading custom video thumbnail,
  • Unlocking live stream feature.

How To Verify Your YouTube Channel?

Verifying your channel and getting a verification badge are different features of the platform. To obtain a badge, YouTube has to recognize you as an established label. To verify your channel on your desktop:

  • Go to YouTube’s website and login into your account,
  • Select Settings and later, View Additional Settings,
  • Click on the Verify button and Select You Country,
  • Enter your phone number and select how YouTube can deliver your verification code,
  • Submit the Verification Code.

YouTube enables two accounts per number to prevent bots and abuse.

Use Straightforward and Defining Video Titles

Titles reflect your content and niche and inform viewers about what they should expect. So, they need to be informative, relevant, and engaging — not clickbait as they can damage your YouTube channel’s reputation.

It’s also beneficial to keep them short, under 70 characters, and include keywords in the first half of the title. You can use online title generators to find the best one or get a title idea for your video. Here is a suggestion for, Views4You YouTube title generator the customer choice of the year.

Use Custom Thumbnails

When you post videos, YouTube randomly selects frames that you can use as a thumbnail. Unfortunately, they aren’t high-quality and rarely highlight the niche of the video. So, after verifying your channel, you can upload a custom video thumbnail to draw attention to your content and have consistency in your brand design.

For instance, digital marketing expert Neil Patel uses custom thumbnails that have the same color palette and font that reflects his brand.

The finest YouTube thumbnail size is 1280 x 720 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The platform accepts file formats of jpg, png, gif, and BMP with the maximum upload size being 2MB. To make custom thumbnails, you can use:

  • Photoshop,
  • Picmaker or,
  • Canva, offers various free templates.

Optimize Your Video Descriptions

Video description is another critical feature that enables visibility. It has 5000 character limit, where you can mention highlights of your video, add chapters to your video by using timestamps and apply keywords to the tags section. You can also provide a link to another video, social platform, or website in this section.

Use Google Analytics and YouTube Analytics

Whether you want to create quality videos that stay relevant for a long time or want to track the performance of your videos, it’s wise to use the analytics feature. This way, you can:

  • See the demographics and behavior of your YouTube subscribers,
  • Measure the performance of your most engaging content and,
  • Determine your video marketing strategy to gain new viewers and more subscribers.

You can access YouTube Analytics from Creator Studio and view metrics such as:

  • Average Percentage Viewed,
  • Average View Duration,
  • Playlist Engagement,
  • Unique Viewers and more.

With Analytics of Google, on the other, you can track the number of users who visit your YouTube channel and also visit your website.

Make Video Series and Multiple-Part YouTube Videos

While a single video can be enough to draw attention, the best way to bring viewers back to your YouTube channel is to leave them curious about the next video. So, you can divide your video into multiple parts or create engaging series.

For instance, the Korean Englishman channel, which is created to link the two cultures is famous for its unique video series such as the British School Trip to Korea and the British Twins come to Korea. Each series have less than 20 videos and they’re posting videos twice a week.

Organize Video Playlists

YouTube enables a playlist feature to organize new or uploaded videos that are relevant. Alongside making it easier for viewers to find those videos, as they play one after another, users don’t search for videos manually. You can make playlists for your own videos or include other creators’ content as well.

Post Teasers and Create Short Videos

Another way to grow your YouTube channel is to promote your YouTube channel and content with teasers and YouTube shorts.

The short-form YouTube videos have gathered over 5 trillion views so far. They’re the fastest and easiest way to promote your content and link the original video or your channel. You can post glimpses of upcoming videos or behind the scenes to build a trustworthy relationship with your subscribers.

Run Contests

Arrange a contest to include your audience in your content and keep them interested. This way, alongside gaining subscribers, you can also encourage engagement.

How To Run a Contest?

  • Determine your goal,
  • Choose your theme,
  • Include prizes, preferably parallel to your niche.

Be Active in the YouTube Community

If you want to grow your YouTube channel, you also need to be active in the community.

  • Engage and share the content of other YouTubers,
  • Interact with channels that focus on the same niche as you,
  • Check events and if you can, participate in them. 

Be sure to follow the platform’s community guidelines during interactions or while posting videos to not get flagged and not be removed from YouTube’s recommendation feature.

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