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Deer Management Permits available to hunters due to extras in New York State

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There are leftover Deer Management Permits for hunters in some Wildlife Management Units in New York State.

deer management permits in new york state

The news comes from the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Applications can be submitted for the following leftover Deer Management Permits in these Wildlife Management Units

  • 1C
  • 3M
  • 3R
  • 3S (bowhunting-only)
  • 4J (bowhunting-only)
  • 7F
  • 7H
  • 7J
  • 7R
  • 8A
  • 8C (bowhunting-only)
  • 8F
  • 8G
  • 8H
  • 8J
  • 8N
  • 8R
  • 9A
  • 9F
  • 9G

Hunters can grab an extra two tags in these areas that will help New York State meet their management objectives when it comes to deer.

Hunters are urged to hunt responsibly and prioritize de harvest as well as share any extra venison they get with friends, neighbors, and donate it through venison donation programs, according to My Twin Tiers.

What are the permits for?

The permits let hunters harvest antlerless deer, and the limits given help manage the population of deer in each area throughout the state. There are extra in many areas that need to be given out so the population doesn’t get too high.

The applications can be submitted at any DEC license-issuing station and will be processed on a first come first served basis. You cannot get these permits by phone, mail, or online, it must be in person.

If you paid the $10 application fee already then you won’t need to pay it again.

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