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Michigan family found hundreds of miles from their home after going missing

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A Michigan family was reported missing but found hundreds of miles from their home alive after the father called 911 for protection earlier.

michigan family went missing and was later found alive in wisconsin

The family was found in Fremont, Wisconsin, according to the Fremont Police Chief.

They were located late on Sunday morning 450 miles away from their Michigan home in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

What happened to the family from Michigan that went missing?

According to My Twin Tiers, the parents, Anthony and Suzette Cirigliano, both ages 51, and their two sons ages 19 and 15 disappeared on Oct. 16.

This happened after Anthony Cirigliano called 911 to ask for protection.

He said it was related to September 11th and that people wanted to erase him from the face of the earth. He added, when telling the dispatcher this, that he was not crazy.

The family was found, so the investigation into their whereabouts has been closed.

Police stated that the elements of the investigation do not meet criteria necessary for protective custody.

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The family left and did not take Suzette’s mother with them. She has dementia and is in need to full time care.

The woman was found Monday night walking in her neighborhood. She was taken in by other family members and is being cared for.

The family was seen on Monday as a gas station in Michigan nearly 300 miles from their home in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.

The last known locations of the family were in Iron Mountain on Tuesday and Wednesday, close to the state boreder.

Steven’s Point is around 150 miles from there.

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