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Stimulus check worth $487 for Minnesota workers

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  • Samantha Parish 

Minnesota residents are soon receiving stimulus payments worth $487 depending on what type of worker they were during the pandemic.

Stimulus check payment minnesota

These workers were frontline workers during COVID-19.

The payments were passed by Governor Tim Walz on Oct. 3 and around 1,025,655 workers are hoping to qualify for the one time payments.

Stimulus check payments for frontline workers in Minnesota

Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan confirmed that these numbers were accurate, according to Marca.

The exact amount per check will be $487.45. This is a bonus stimulus check payment for workers that took care of the community during the pandemic. By continuing to serve the public in necessary roles, they risked their own health and lives.

Payments started being sent on Oct. 5, 2022. If eligible, applicants have been notified by email. Rejections were also sent by email as well.

Anyone getting the stimulus payment by direct deposit will see the payments within 7 to 10 business days. That means everyone should see their payment by Oct. 17.

Prepaid debit cards were the other option and should take three to four weeks to arrive.

Eligible jobs include those in healthcare, long term care, education, court workers, and food service workers.

The jobs need to have been held in Minnesota during the most recent tax year.

Originally, only 667,000 workers were expected to qualify and get $750 stimulus payments. Since more people qualified, the payments shrank.

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