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Kroger: Supermarket chain making changes to make budget friendly shopping easier

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  • Abbi Aruck 

Kroger has announced that they will 17 brands into two affordable options.

Kroger making saving easier

This measure will make it easier for customers to compare prices and get the best deal.

Food inflation passes 11% and Americans struggle to save

Changes at Kroger to help you save

Kroger plans to 17 brands into two affordable options to help customers find the best value quickly. With ongoing inflation, Kroger wanted to be sure that finding the best value can be simple. Smart Way is one brand that will offer around 150 non-perishable products this fall. While Smart Way will offer non-perishable goods, the second brand, Heritage Farm, will offer fresh dairy items.

Smart Way and Heritage Farm will be the opening price point option. This means that these products are the cheapest in the store. If you’re trying to avoid inflation costs and save some money on groceries, these will be great brands to seek out in the store.

The two new brands are expected to hit store shelves in Fall 2022. In addition to the new brands, Kroger will also we offering delivery. Customers will now be able to place grocery orders on or the Kroger app. in order to widen grocery delivery services, they are two new spoke facilities. The facilities are in Nashville, Tennessee, and Maywood, Illinois. The delivery system will generate personalized digital offers too.

The new advancements in distribution are an effort to save local customers time and money.

More on delivery

Kroger has partnered with the Ocado Group. In 2018, they set out to create a delivery system that combines robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence. Now, the grid that process the orders is called “The Hive.” It is comprised of over 1,000 bots moving around on 3D grids.

Tote bags full of customer orders are filled by The Hive as delivery times are near. The new placements will widen the customer reach in current operating regions and allow for expansion into new parts of the US.

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