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Burger King: Expect to see more advertisements for the Whopper

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  • Abbi Aruck 

Burger King took a few missteps during the pandemic that caused them to lag behind their fast-food competitors.

Burger King Whopper meal

\After playing catch-up, the chain will now invest in restaurants and advertising.

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Investments in Burger King

Burger King is owned by Restaurant Brands International. In the next two years, they plan to invest $400 million into improving the brand. $250 million of that will go toward updating restaurant tech, kitchens and remodeling. The remaining $150 million will be used for advertising and digital product. A key part of this plan is reminding customers that Burger King is all about the Whopper.

In order to put that plan into action, workers will be well trained on how to make the best Whopper. Kitchens staff will also be set up to support consistency and ease of preparation.

The chain is also going to ramp up advertising for the Whopper. They want to remind customers that the burger is flame-grilled and customizable.

What happened during the pandemic?

During the pandemic, restaurants quickly had to adapt to accommodate no more inside seating, disrupted supply chains, and an increased demand for delivery. Burger King struggled to adapt.

Rather than sliming the menu to simplify kitchen operations and adapt to the menu to account for supply chain issues, like most restaurants– they added menu items. In doing this, they effectively complicated things.

The issues the company created for itself set them back. In the second quarter of 2022, Burger King restaurants that have been open at least 13 months have increased sales by 0.4%. Meanwhile, sales at McDonald’s restaurants open at least 13 months jumped 3.7% during that same time.

Improvements and upgrades

Burger King plans to remodel about 800 restaurants over the next two years. However, they already started updating their image. Lat year, the chain updated their logo and switched packaging, uniforms and signage to the new look.

They have also plan to update the mobile app and revamp the rewards program by offering customized digital deals. Delivery and to-go will also be updated.

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