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Child tax credit payments worth up to $1,000 in California, Connecticut, New Mexico, & others

Many states have started sending child tax credit payments modeled similarly to the federal child tax credit seen in 2021.

Child tax credit paperwork for states that offer the payments.

The Biden Administration had hoped to extend the expanded benefit, but that measure did not pass.

Now, Americans are back to collecting $2,000 per child all at once when they file their taxes.

As financial struggles grow, some states are stepping up to provide families with children some much needed relief with child tax credit payments.

Here are 13 states giving their residents child tax credit payments

California is giving families $1,000 as a refund or reduced tax bill if they make less than $25,000.

Those making between $25,000 and $30,000 will see a reduced credit.

Only kids under the age of 6 will qualify, and families must have received the California Earned Income Tax Credit.

In Colorado starting in 2023, families making $75,000 or less could see 5%-30% of the federal CTC for children under age 6.

In Connecticut, qualifying families can get $250 per child for up to three children.

Idaho families can get $205 per kid as a nonrefundable tax credit to lower their tax bill.

Maine residents are able to claim $300 per child.

Maryland residents making under $6,000 per year can claim $500 per child if the child tax credit bill is approved.

Massachusetts families can get $180 for one child or $360 for multiple children under age 12.

New Jersey now has the New Jersey Child Tax Credit Program that pays families with an income below $30,000 $600 per kid under age 6.

For those making up to $80,000, they could get $300 in CTC payments.

In New Mexico, families will see $25-$75 per child depending on their income from 2023 through 2031.

New York residents can claim $100 or 33% of the federal CTC.

North Carolina residents could see deductions worth up to $2,500 depending on their income and filing status.

Oklahoma residents could see up to 5% of the federal child tax credit if they make under $100,000.

Finally, Vermont residents could see $1,000 for children under age 5 if their income is under $125,000.

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