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Stimulus payments worth up to $1,700 for states like Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine & Oregon

Millions of Americans are benefitting from stimulus payments from their states as the federal checks end.

cash state residents can see from stimulus payments

Anyone who sees a federal stimulus check anytime soon is someone who successfully claimed the recovery rebate credit with their tax refund.

Now, states are stepping up as a way to help residents combat inflation.

Here are five states working to send their residents stimulus payments

In Chicago, Illinois, residents can apply once per month for a gas or transit card.

Gas cards are worth $150 and transit cards are worth $50.

You must meet a certain income threshold to meet requirements to apply for the stimulus payments.

This means your income must be at or below 100% of the Chicago AMI.

The drawings are happening each month until September.

In Indiana, residents are seeing $125 stimulus payments if they file single and $250 if they file jointly.

Child tax credit worth $750 have quickly approaching deadline

4.3 million residents that filed their 2020 taxes before Jan. 3, 2022 can expect a payment.

Governor Eric Holcolmb has also approved a measure that would send $350 more to each eligible resident and $700 for married residents.

In Iowa, Johnson County is sending a $1,400 stimulus payment to residents who meet specific requirements.

Abot 2,300-2,400 residents are expected to see payments.

Maine is sending $850 to single filers and $1,700 to married filers.

Payments started in June and are being sent in batches of 200,000.

Your income as a single filer cannot exceed $100,000, head of household cannot exceed $150,000, and married filers cannot not exceed $200,000.

Finally, Oregon sent checks worth $600 to low income workers that worked the front lines during the pandemic.

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