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Child tax credit worth $750 have quickly approaching deadline

Connecticut households still have a chance to apply for the child tax credit payment, which could bring in as much as $750.

stimulus funds parents in connecticut could see from the child tax credit

Families can get $250 per child for up to three children living in the household.

Applicants have until the end of the month to submit applications.

The child tax credit for the state of Connecticut was signed into law on May 9, 2022.

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Stimulus checks worth $600 go to low income Oregon workers

A $4 billion dollar budget surplus made it possible.

Payments are expected to start being sent in August, so if you think you may qualify, you need to apply.

Eligibility for up to $750 child tax credit payment

Any state resident that claimed at least one child under the age of 18 on their 2021 taxes can file for the credit.

The maximum payment for one child is $250.

To get this, your income cannot exceed $100,000 single, $160,000 head of household, or $200,000 married filing jointly.

Over 300,000 households may be eligible.

If your income is higher, you could see a reduced rebate by 10% for every $1,000 past the limit.

The most one household can receive is $750.

You may apply for the tax credit here.

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