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Taco Bell: New flavor freeze– When can I get the Mango Whip Freeze?

In June 2022, Taco Bell expanded their menu, adding a new freeze flavor.

Taco Bell's new mango flavored freezes

The new Mango Whip Freeze is available at stores nationwide.

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New freeze flavors

On June 23, 2022 Taco Bell launched two new freeze flavors: mango and mango whip. The Mango Whip Freeze combines mango flavoring with sweet vanilla creamer. If the cream isn’t for you– it can be ordered plain as well.

Taco bell first started serving Freezes in 2013 with their popular Baja Blast Freeze.

The new freezes are available at stores nationwide. Although there are some mixed reviews on the new flavor, most customers seem to like it.

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