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Krossin’ Keuka fundraising swim seeks safety paddlers

The Krossin’ Keuka fundraising swim for the Keuka Comfort Care Home on July 30 is looking for volunteer canoe and kayak paddlers to help keep the swimmers safe.

Keuka Comfort Care Home Director Donna Nielsen tells us about the mission of the home.

She says paddlers help ensure the safety of the swimmers.

Paddler Safety Guidelines

  • You are part of the Krossin’ Keuka Safety Team and your role is crucial to the safety of our participants.
  • Please wear your Krossin Keuka T-shirt from the current year so you can be seen and identified
  • Required Equipment: Kayak, Personal Floatation Device for yourself, plus one extra, a throw bag & rope, and whistle.  We will provide you with a green signal flag.  We also have extra “noodles” for you to give to tired swimmers.
  • It is recommended that you wear a brimmed hat, and sunscreen, and bring a bottle of water (you can get water on the beach before you head out)
  • Yell, cheer and encourage the swimmers!  They need to hear from you while they cross the lake.

Swimmers make a .67-mile crossing of the lake. Each swimmer agrees to raise at least $150 for the home. Listen to my full Inside the FLX conversation with Donna Nielsen below.