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Gas prices: Will the Biden Administration send out gas cards?

The price of gas is leaving many Americans struggling.

paying for gas at the pump

Will the Biden Administration send of prepaid gas cards to help Americans deal with the costs.

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Gas cards are unlikely

Last week the national average for a gallon of gas broke $5. Experts suspect that gas prices will continue to rise. With Americans struggling, there has been requests for the Biden Administration to send out prepaid gas cards. However, the prospect of prepaid gas cards from the Biden Administration is unlikely.

Prepaid gas cards are unlikely to roll out as there is uncertainty as to how the programs would be organized. The idea was to send out pre-loaded cards to recipients, but there is no way to control what people actually spend the money on. That would mean the cards would act as a stimulus. Congress is very weary of that because inflation is already so high.

Another concern with prepaid cards is having the necessary materials available. The US chip industry is experiencing as shortage that could make it expensive and time consuming to make and distribute the cards.

Even though many Americans are asking for help to pay for gas, the extra money may not help as much as we want to think. The heart of the high gas prices is a supply and demand issue caused in part by the sanctions on Russia.

Gibing drivers more money would only increase demand and possibly send prices even higher.

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