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$1,000 gas stimulus checks haven’t been approved by President Joe Biden

A viral Facebook post has recently emerged claiming President Joe Biden approved a gas stimulus.

President Joe Biden

However, the $1,000 checks won’t show up because it isn’t real.

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Biden’s gas stimulus is just a rumor

On June 12 several fake news accounts shared a post that President Biden had approved a gas stimulus worth $1,000 for Americans, and it went viral. The post claimed that the checks would come within the week if they hadn’t arrived already. There was also a photo of a check that seemed to be from the United States Treasury attached to the post. However, it was just a rumor.

The post was likely a ploy to drive up social media traffic. The account that originally shared the post is a self-described comedian and regularly posts TikToks and Facebook videos for her audience interact with.

The post didn’t have a call to action or request an personal data from the users.

However, President Joe Biden did rule out sending pre-paid gas cards, but may reconsider it now that the national average for a gallon of gas is over $5.

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