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Shrinkflation: Top five worst offending companies

Shoppers are noticing that they are paying the same– or higher prices but are getting less product.

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This trend is called shrinkflation.

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What is Shrinkflation?

Unfortunately, shrinkflation is a common tactic that companies use during high inflation, but it hurts customers. Shrinkflation can be hard to notice because companies don’t want shoppers to realize that they are technically paying more.

Some companies, like Nabisco, have admitted to reducing portions. Shrinkflation reduces buyers’ purchasing power and limits how far you can stretch a dollar. The top five worst offending companies are:


Chobani’s “Flip” yogurt size is typically 5.3 oz, but they are being reduced to 4.5 oz. That is 15% less yogurt in your cup for the same price.

In 2014 they did something similar, the 6 oz containers were reduced to 5.3 oz– with no price reduction.


Kimberly-Clark produces an array of products from toiletries to cleaning supplies. Some of their subsidiary brands are Cottonelle, Kleenex, Huggies, Scott, and others.

Cottonelle toilet paper rolls used to have 340 sheets and now only have 312.

Kleenex boxes had 65 tissues each, but now only have 60.


Old Folgers containers had 51 ox of coffee grounds but are now sold with 43.5 oz. They have claimed that it is the same amount of product, but they have a new roasting technique that results in lighter-weight coffee grounds.


Pepsi owns a variety of other companies worldwide including Frito-Lay, Gatorade, and Quaker.

Gatorade bottles previously were sold in 32 oz bottles– but now come in 28 oz bottles instead.

“Party Size” Frito scoops used to be 18 oz and are now 15.5 oz, that is nearly a 15% size reduction.


WaterWipes is a popular baby wipe brand. The mega value pack used to cost $42.99 for 720 wipes. Each wipe measured 46.72 square inches. Now the same pack is $45.99 and reduced the size of the wipe to 46.2 square inches.

The company hasn’t commented on retail pricing but has said the wipes have changed because they have started moving towards a biodegradable option.

Stimulus payments are being issued by states, but look out for scams

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