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Recall: Asparagus and Feta sandwiches have undeclared egg

Gourmondo Cafes and Catering Co. has issued a recall for their asparagus and feta sandwiches because they may contain egg.

recall alert for gourmondo asparagus and feta sandwiches

The recall was issued on June 9, 2022.

The recall is due to undeclared egg in the sandwiches, so anyone with an egg allergy is at risk of a severe allergic reaction.

The asparagus and feta sandwiches were sold in Washington to Metropolitan Market stores on June 6 and June 3, 2022.

The UPC code is 859266007984, with the Gourmondo label and the sandwiches are wrapped in cellophane.

No illnesses have been reported in relation to the sandwich.

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More about the sandwich recall

The issue was discovered during routine inspection.

A printing error on the stickers did not have the ingredients listed for mayonnaise, which is made with whole eggs.

Eggs were not listed among the allergens on the stickers either.

21 sandwiches were impacted by the error, but to be safe the company is recalling the entire inventory.

Any sandwiches that showed a best buy date from the 9th or before should have been thrown out.

This means moving forward, sandwiches of this kind should be correctly labeled and safe for consumption.

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