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Recall: Jungle Jumparoo children’s toy recalled for having lead

A Jungle Jumparoo toy has been issued a recall due to containing lead levels exceeding the federal lead content ban.

jungle jumparoo toy that was issued a recall for lead

The recall was issued June 9, 2022.

Around 350 toys have been impacted and should be replaced.

Why was the Jungle Jumparoo issued a recall?

The toy has colored poles, and the yellow ones are the ones that contain levels of lead that are unsafe.

The lead is toxic and could cause negative health issues if ingested by children.

Impacted toys have a blue metal base, black rubber tube, and two blue, green, red, and yellow metal poles to hold while the child jumps.

The toy’s poles measure 77 inches tall by 55 inches wide and 55 inches deep.

The large Jungle Jumparoo toys are the only ones being recalled.

The Jungle Jumparoo logo can be found on the tube with the phrase “a wild way to bounce” printed near it.

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What to do if you own the Jungle Jumparoo

Stop using the toy immediately if you own it.

Contact Jungle Jumparoo to learn how to correctly dispose of the yellow poles and get free replacement poles.

Shipping will be included for free.

The company is also contacting known buyers themselves if possible.

To contact Jungle Jumparoo, call 1-888-980-5867 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

You may also visit the website at to learn more on what to do about the recall.

No injuries have been reported in relation to the product.

The toys were sold on Amazon, at Bed Bath and Beyond, Fun and Function, JungleJump, The Grommet Flaghouse and Wayfair from November 2018 through March 2019 for about $350.

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