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Refrigerator recall due to ice maker choking hazard

These refrigerators are being recalled.

Fridge recall. Photos sourced by Consumer Product Safety Commision.

Electrolux is having a recall on their Frigidaire and Refrigerators due to a choking hazard caused by their ice makers.

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Refrigerator recall

The company Electrolux is having a recall their refrigerators and Frigidaires.

According to an article by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the level detector arm can break off and fall into the ice bucket posing a choking hazard.

Listed below are the 13 models included in this alert and their UPC code

  • Top Freezer FFHI1835VS – 0-12505-64680-5
  • PRMC2285AF French Door – 0-12505-64714-7
  • Side by Side FRSS26L3AF – 0-12505-64792-5
  • French Door ERMC2295AS – 0-12505-64715-4
  • Side by Side FRSS2633AS – 0-12505-64876-2
  • Side by Side FRSS2323AB – 0-12505-64786-4
  • Side by Side FRSS2623AS – 0-12505-64771-0
  • Side by Side FRSS2323AD – 0-12505-64788-8
  • Side by Side FRSS2623AD – 0-12505-64774-1
  • Side by Side FRSS2323AS – 0-12505-64785-7
  • Side by Side FRSS2623AW – 0-12505-64773-4
  • Side by Side FRSS2333AS – 0-12505-64789-5
  • Side by Side FRSS2623AB – 0-12505-64772-7

There are 367,500 items included in this alert.

They were sold online at and nationwide in Home Depot and Lowe’s stores from April 2020 through March 2022.

So far there have been 185 reports of the level breaking.

Anyone who has purchased one of these products should stop using the ice makers, empty the bucket and contact the company for a free repair.

Anyone with questions about this alert can call 833-840-5926 to speak to a representative.

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