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Gas tax suspension: How much will it save you in New York?

Gas prices have continued to rise and has reached over $5 per gallon in some parts of New York.

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As of June 1, 2022 there will be some relief will be available.

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How much can I save with the gas tax break?

In New York, the average gas price right now is $4.67 per gallon. Diesel fuel is even more expensive, averaging $6.45 per gallon. The gas tax break went into effect on June 1 and will go until the end of the year. However, it is up to local jurisdiction.

Normally, there is an 8 cents fuel tax per gallon for gasoline, diesel and undyed kerosene and a 6.4 cents tax per gallon on highway B20 diesel. However, these taxes will be suspended for the remainder of the year, as of yesterday.

Under New York’s motor fuel business tax, regular petroleum will still cost 17.3 cents per gallon, 15.55 for highway diesel, and 12.44 for B20 diesel.

Counties in NYC are taking part

Rockland county is capping the local 4% gas tax to the first $2 a gallon. This pause will run through the end of February 2023. Putnam County also capped their 8 cents per gallon tax to the equivalent of gas being $2.

Nassau and Suffolk counties have a 4.25% gas tax that they will stop levying at $3 per gallon until the end of the year, leaving the fixed 13 cents per gallon.

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