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Can I collect SSDI and still work?

Many people collect SSDI as a way to get by, in addition to any income they may have as long as it doesn’t surpass a certain dollar amount.

ssdi application for ssdi benefits

SSDI is short for Social Security Disability Insurance and gives financial assistance to those who cannot work enough to live.

The benefits are provided to those insured, based on their working history and what they have earned through their entire life.

People may not earn more than $1,350 per month, and if they’re blind that goes up to $2,260.

SSDI has to limit to how long someone can receive benefits, but the SSA hopes that people will eventually become well enough to return to work again.

They allow what is called a trial work period for those who want to try and return to work.

This way a person can earn an income while still collect their benefits.

The person is able to test their ability to work again, while still being considered disabled and not losing their benefits for trying.

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