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SSI payments worth up to $841 sent today

Today is June 1, 2022, and the first of the month means another Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, payment for beneficiaries.

social security card and cash representing payments like SSI

Every month payments are sent on the first of the month, unless it falls on a weekend or holiday.

This happened in May, so beneficiaries saw payments on the Friday before May 1.

Recipients received SSI payments on April 1 and April 29, but none in May.

The maximum benefit for SSI is $841.

Other benefits run by Social Security include disability and retirement.

Payment dates for these days are different.

These payments are based on your birthday.

Those with birthdays between the 1st and 10th of the month will see their payments on the second Wednesday of each month.

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People with birthdays between the 11th and 20th will see their payments on the third Wednesday of every month.

Finally, anyone with a birthday on or after the 21st of the month will see their payments on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

Here is the entire 2022 Social Security and SSDI payment schedule

January 2022

Second Wednesday: January 12

Third Wednesday: January 19

Fourth Wednesday: January 26

February 2022

Second Wednesday: February 9

Third Wednesday: February 16

Fourth Wednesday: February 23

March 2022

Second Wednesday: March 9

Third Wednesday: March 16

Fourth Wednesday: March 23

April 2022

Second Wednesday: April 13

Third Wednesday: April 20

Fourth Wednesday: April 27

May 2022

Second Wednesday: May 11

Third Wednesday: May 18

Fourth Wednesday: May 25

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June 2022

Second Wednesday: June 8

Third Wednesday: June 15

Fourth Wednesday: June 22

July 2022

Second Wednesday: July 13

Third Wednesday: July 20

Fourth Wednesday: July 27

August 2022

Second Wednesday: August 10

Third Wednesday: August 17

Fourth Wednesday: August 24

September 2022

Second Wednesday: September 14

Third Wednesday: September 21

Fourth Wednesday: September 28

October 2022

Second Wednesday: October 12

Third Wednesday: October 19

Fourth Wednesday: October 26

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November 2022

Second Wednesday: November 9

Third Wednesday: November 16

Fourth Wednesday: November 23

December 2022

Second Wednesday: December 14

Third Wednesday: December 21

Fourth Wednesday: December 28

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