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SSDI: Fines worth up to $435,000 given to poor, disabled and elderly being investigated

The Social Security Administration has imposed severe fines on poor, disabled, and elderly Americans after being mistakenly paid too much in SSDI.

social security administration office where people get benefits like SSDI

An investigation into the issue was announced on May 23, after it came out that attorneys issued incredibly large fines under the Trump administration.

Over 100 individuals were receiving SSDI after it was determined they should not have been.

When it was noticed, these people were given fines as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars.

SSDI: People fined up to $435,000 for Social Security mistakes

Many of these individuals could never afford the fines they were given.

The news was originally reported by The Washington Post, and once issues were raised, acting Social Security commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi announced the investigation.

A meeting was announced for this week on how to move forward to investigate the issues.

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Lawmakers called the fines an abuse of authority and called on Biden and Kijakazi to come up with ways to prevent it from happening again.

The White House said they were aware but offered no further comment.

The penalties being looked into were issued by the Civil Monetary Penalty Program.

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It is alleged that the attorneys in charge did not follow protocol and went against federal regulations.

Normally there is a way to recover money people gained fraudulently.

In addition, they failed to take into account the people’s ages, finances, intentions, and whether they felt remorse.

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