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SSDI: People fined up to $435,000 for Social Security mistakes

Around 100 Americans are fined up to $435,000 after they received Social Security Disability benefits, or SSDI, that they weren’t entitled to.

social security administration building which runs programs like SSDI

This comes following the inspector general’s investigation that enforced the fines.

Among those facing the fines are low income, disabled, and elderly Americans.

These people likely do not have the finances to pay the fines.

Who received fines for collecting SSDI?

According to The Sun, the Washington Post reports that a New Jersey woman faces a fine of $435,000.

Evidently, she was seeing $47,000 in benefits when failing to report a $120,000 home she inherited from her father.

She failed to report car loans she co-signed on for her children as well.

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This was at the advice of her lawyer.

Another woman in Chicago was fined $132,000 after collecting $10,618 in SSDI.

Another woman was receiving payments following her husbands death, not knowing it wasn’t for something else.

The SSA fined her $119,392 despite that being three times what she received due to the Administration’s error.

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Her $704 monthly check is now being garnished because she cannot pay that amount back.

In all, 83 people were charged a collective $11.5 million dollars.

In 2017, only $700,000 in fines were given to Americans.

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