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Allergy Alert: Salmon containing allergens

There is an allergy alert for this product.

Salmon allergy alert.

White Can Sockeye Salmon LLC has issued an allergy alert for their salmon due to undeclared allergens.

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Salmon allergy alert

The company White Can Sockeye Salmon LLC put out an allergy alert for some of their salmon products.

An article by the FDA says that these products contain undeclared allergens.

These products contain wheat and soy and it is not listed on the label.

This puts anyone with a wheat or soy allergy at risk of having a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction.

The affected products were sold frozen in vacuum bags.

There is no best by date or lot code for these items.

The product’s names and the last date they were sold are listed below

  • Wild Alaskan Cooked Salmon – 5/15/2022
  • Smoked Salmon – 5/15/2022

These products were sold at farmers markets across Arizona.

So far there have been no reported cases of illnesses linked to these products.

If you have a wheat or soy allergy and have purchased these products do not consume them.

They should be thrown away or returned to where they were purchased.

Anyone with questions about this allergy alert can call 208- 661-7927.