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Finger Lakes Travel: Summer 2022 Bucket List

Summer is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to do some planning. Whether you live in the Finger Lakes or you’re just passing through, it’s good to know the best spots around.

If you’re looking for ideas, then look no further. This is our Finger Lakes Summer 2022 Bucket List.

Finger Lakes Summer Bucket List

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1. Buttermilk Falls

This region is known to be home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls. It was hard to pick only one for this list. Buttermilk Falls State Park is absolutely massive. The park consists of seven different trails that are all relatively easy hikes.

The view of the waterfall is breathtaking, the meadow is beautiful and the beach is a great place to relax. This park is the perfect day trip and an even better camping spot.

2. Finger Lakes Country Music Festival

Concerts are one of the best events for the summertime, but what’s better than a concert? That’s right, an entire festival! There is a country music festival happening in the Finger Lakes this year and all you Lee Brice fans better get your tickets now.

The festival is being held in Palmyra on June 4th. Keep an eye out for the booth while you’re walking around.

3. The Micro Diner

This place is exactly what it sounds like: The Micro Diner is the world’s smallest diner, located right in downtown Watkins Glen. This will be a great photo oppurtunity when you’re exploring the area. Who wouldn’t want to say they’ve been to the world’s smallest diner?

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

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4. Route 90 Yard Sale

The Route 90 Yard Sale is one of my favorite events of the summer. Not only is this 50-mile yard sale full of deals, but there’s also amazing food options along the way. We like to stop in Union Springs on the way.

Once we’ve finished shopping, it’s usually pretty warm since this happens the last weekend in July. We normally head to the Great Gully Waterfall. This waterfall is right on Route 90 and is a very easy hike featuring two beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes.

5. Beaver Lake Nature Center

The first time we saw a picture of this park, it was hard to believe it was even in New York. Beaver Lake Nature Center features a beautiful forest and has nine different trails to explore wetlands and the forest. We would recommend the 1.4-mile-long Deep Woods trail.

This park is full of all different types of wildlife, so bring some binoculars if you plan on going to this park.

6. Finger Lakes Drive-In

Everyone gets excited when the Finger Lakes Drive-In announces it’s open for the season. This is an authentic drive-in that is open throughout the summer. The drive-in plays a variety of movies every night and is a great place to bring your family. An evening at the drive-in is full of nostalgia and is an all-around wholesome experience.

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7. New York State Fair

People come from all around to attend the New York State Fair. The fair takes place at the Syracuse Fairgrounds and is full of family fun. It’s a must if you’re planning to be in the area anytime from August 24th through September 5th.

8. Windmill Flea Market

The Windmill is one of the biggest flea markets in the Finger Lakes. It features multiple storefronts indoors and outdoors that sell a wide variety of items. If you get hungry, there’s almost always a food vendor a couple of steps away.

This flea market is hosted every weekend throughout the entire summer in Penn Yan. If you’re in need of a unique or handmade gift, this is the place to look!