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Stimulus: $400 checks could be sent to millions

As inflation and gas prices continue to rise, states are still working to give residents a break in the form of stimulus payments if possible.

stimulus checks residents in California may see

Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has proposed an inflation relief bill worth $18.1 billion dollars.

The bill would help offset the costs of inflation for many residents within the state, where gas is the most expensive.

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What type of stimulus payments will go out under the inflation relief bill?

A large amount of the money being allocated for the bill would go toward vehicle owners.

$400 checks for registered vehicles in the state of California would be directly paid to registered car owners.

Each resident can claim up to two vehicles, bringing in $800.

Stimulus: Surprise payments worth up to $1,200

Another $750 million would go toward public transportation so residents could get around for free.

$429 million would go toward a one year pause for sales tax on diesel.

A rental assistance program is part of the bill, with $2.7 billion being allocated to help low income families.

Applications needed to be sent before March 31, 2022.

Stimulus checks: Which states are getting payments?

$1.4 billion would go toward overdue utility bills.

$933 million would give stimulus payments worth $1,500 to hospital and healthcare workers who worked during the pandemic.

Finally, $304 million would go toward bolstering the state’s healthcare system.

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