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Stimulus: Surprise payments worth up to $1,200

Millions of Americans are benefitting from payments this year for stimulus programs, or UBI programs.

cash residents could see from stimulus and UBI payments

The payments range from $150 to $1,200 depending on the area and program.

Stimulus payments are a one time payment, while UBI payments are recurring.

Here are 5 places sending out stimulus or UBI payments to qualifying residents in 2022

First is Chicago, Illinois.

Residents in Chicago may apply for a one time stimulus payment worth $50 or $100 for public transit or gas.

Stimulus checks: Which states are getting payments?

50,000 prepaid gas cards worth $100 each and 100,000 transit cards worth $50 each are available.

75,000 transit cards will be allocated to low income neighborhoods.

The rest will go out throughout the city.

Residents must reside in Chicago, but 18 or older, have a valid registered vehicle with the city, and a household income at or below 100% of the AMI.

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The deadlines for monthly, on June 3, July 3, August 3, and Sept. 3.

California is sending out Golden State I and II stimulus checks that are still owed to residents.

They’re worth up to $1,200.

13 million of these checks have been sent in all.

Stimulus: Don’t miss the deadline to claim $800

The rest of the checks are mainly going to people that filed amended non-resident state income tax returns.

Delaware is sending $300 to single taxpayers and $600 to joint filers.

The payments are based on 2020 state income tax returns.

The total amount of people receiving payments is around 600,000.

Two deadlines for direct payments are quickly approaching

Indiana is sending residents stimulus tax rebates of $125.

Finally, Ithaca, New York is sending 100 caregivers UBI payments worth $450.

These payments will begin in June.

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