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Grocery Shopping: 4 things coming this summer

These are 4 things you might see in the grocery store this summer.

Grocery store.

With a lot of grocery companies moving forward with technology and aiming to be more eco-friendly things are bound to start changing.

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Grocery store changes

Grocery shopping has already become more technology forward with companies like Instacart and the Walmart app showing you where all products are found.

On top of technological changes, there have also been eco-friendly changes like switching to paper bags.

These changes are just the start of many.

An article by Eat This, Not That says these are 4 changes you should expect to see.

Check out free stores

We’ve all heard of self check out but now there might not be a checkout at all.

The inspiration for this comes from the cashier-less Amazon stores.

ALDI’S has opened its first check-out free store.

The way these works is customers will download an app and then chargers will be applied once the customer leaves the store.

The app even allows you to buy alcohol using its face id.

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You might start seeing screens popping up while you’re grocery shopping.

These screens will be planning informational videos for the customers.

The videos will tell customers more information about the history of the brands and products.

Eco-friendly options

Much like how we mentioned before companies are aiming to be as eco-friendly as possible.

A big movement is zero-waste stores.

Zero-waste stores allow customers to bring whatever container they would like to fill with the products they’d like to purchase.

This eliminates the added plastic of typical product packaging.

Dash Carts

Dash Carts are a technology created by Amazon.

These carts can track the items a customer puts into their cart.

The dash cart then adds the price of the item to the customer’s total and they are then charged for it once they leave the store.

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