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Stimulus: $500 tax refund going out to some Americans

Some Americans will see a $500 stimulus tax refund check as soon as this week in the state of Georgia.

cash residents will see thanks to a stimulus tax refund in Georgia

This is a one time payment being sent under House Bill 1302, a law passed by the Georgia General Assembly.

Governor Brian Kemp soon signed the bill into law once it was passed.

Stimulus: 8 states that are sending checks

Georgia residents are issued additional refunds from the state’s revenue surplus.

Single and separately filing married individuals could see stimulus checks worth $250.

Head of household filers will see checks worth $370.

Married couples will get payments of $500.

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It may take additional time for all refunds to be processed because so many are being issued to residents.

All refunds should be sent by early August if your return was filed by the deadline of Aoril 18, 2022.

You won’t see a refund until your taxes are filed.

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