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Stimulus: 8 states that are sending checks

It is likely that the federal government won’t be sending out any more stimulus checks for awhile.

stimulus checks

However, 8 states will be sending out their own checks.

SNAP benefit payment schedule

Which states are distributing stimulus checks?

Many of these state funded stimulus checks may come in various forms like, gas cards, tax credits, tax rebates and even cash payments. A few of the programs don’t have income caps either. That means that just about anybody in the state can take advantage of some extra money. Read more about it here. The states that currently have programs are:

  1. California: Gov. Newsom proposed pre-loaded gas cards worth $400 per car with a 2 vehicle per household limit. If it passes cards will be issued in July.
  2. Georgia: Residents could see a tax rebate for their 2020 and 2021 tax returns. It is proposed that Single filers and married, filing separately, will receive $250, heads-of-household will get $375, and married couples, filing jointly, should see $500.
  3. Hawaii: A budget surplus means $300 payments to taxpayers with a household income under $100,000.
  4. Idaho: Taxpayers will see a rebate of either $75 of 12% on their 2020 state taxes, whichever is higher. In order to claim the rebate, 2020 and 2021 taxes must be filed by December 31, 2022.
  5. Illinois: A $1.8 billion relief plan for 2023 will suspend state grocery tax for a year and freeze their gas tax for six months. Individual taxpayers making less than $200,000 and  married, filing jointly with income under $400,000 will receive a tax rebate of $50 per person and $100 per child for up to three children.
  6. Indiana: An Automatic Taxpayer Refund of $125 will be issued to eligible residents. It will be direct deposited into your account if the information is on file or sent by mail.
  7. Maine: Residents with an adjusted gross income less than $100,000 for single taxpayers or married, filing separately, $150,000 for head of household, or $200,000 for married couples will see a refund. The relief payment will be $850. The check could arrive via mail as early as June 1.
  8. New Mexico: Residents will be getting three payments this summer. Single filers and married, filing separate will get a refundable income tax rebate in June and August 2022. Married filing jointly or head of households will get $1,000. There are no income limits, but your 2021 tax return must be filed. In July another set of checks will go out:
    • individuals and married couples filing separately with income less than $75,000 will receive $250
    • married couples filing jointly, heads of household, and surviving spouses making less than $150,000 will get a rebate of $500
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