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Food Stamps: Getting your EBT card in New York State

People receive their food stamp benefits, or SNAP benefits, through an electric card known as an EBT card.

sign for food stamps and EBT cards

The government provides funding for the program.

States make sure that low income households receive the benefits they need in order to afford basic food.

Millions of Americans utilized benefits during the pandemic.

New York EBT cards for food stamps

In order to get the EBT card, you must first apply for benefits.

You’ll need to apply at the state level.

You can apply online for food stamps in New York state by clicking here.

You may also call your local SNAP office to apply.

You can use SNAP in restaurants in these 8 states

Using your EBT card

The EBT cards work similarly to debit cards connected to bank accounts.

You will have a balance of benefit dollars that you can check using the mobile app.

The ConnectEBT app lets you see transactions, balance, and deposits.

Benefits are loaded each month for the time that you have food stamps.

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