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GOP candidate for governor Harry Wilson unveils plan to combat crime

Harry Wilson, one of four GOP candidates running for governor in New York, unveiled his public safety agenda on Friday.

Wilson held a press conference in Syracuse on Friday, April 29 to discuss his 14-page plan to combat crime, which includes eliminating cashless bail, according to The Citizen.

In 2019, former Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law to eliminate bail for misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies. Governor Kathy Hochul included some changes to the law in the 2022-23 FY state budget, though the law still remains in place.

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Wilson’s proposes a ‘dangerousness standard’ to set bail and more judicial discretion. New York is the only state without a standard in this regard. He also rails against the “defund the police” movement. Wilson said instead of cutting police department budgets, there should be more support, including increased staffing and training as well as more resources for combatting crime.

In regards to parole reform enacted under the “Less is More” law, Wilson criticized the discharge of 8,000 paroles from supervision. He said he is concerned the individuals who will no longer be supervised might go on to commit new offenses.

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