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Social Security: These 9 big things will impact your benefits

Millions of Americans receive Social Security payments each month, and it’s important to stay on top of any changes to not risk losing your benefits.

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Sometimes changes require your benefit amount to be changes, but you want to see them increase.

You need to be responsible to stay on top of changes and avoid losing out.

Here are 9 life changes you need to report to the Social Security Administration

If your address changes or you move out of state, you need to let the Social Security Administration know.

Your benefits won’t change, but how the state handles them might.

If your name legally changes you need to let them know.

Social Security: Don’t miss out on benefit income worth $48,000

If your legal name changes while you’re working, you risk not having your earnings correctly reported.

You’ll need to request a new SSN card.

You can do this with proof of a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order.

Be sure to notify the Administration of any citizenship status changes.

Social Security: Other ways to earn money between benefit payments

Doing this will allow you to participate in other programs like disability.

You’ll need to report a new child so they can be added as a beneficiary to your benefits.

Children who are unmarried and under 18 or over 18 and disabled could qualify.

Your benefits will be suspended if you go to jail or prison.

Once you’re out they will resume, but you need to notify the Social Security Administration.

If you receive a pension from a job not covered by Social Security, they will reduce your benefits.

You must notify the SSA if you no longer care for a child who was receiving benefits, as well as if a beneficiary dies.

When people become unable to manage their own funds, the SSA will investigate and appoint a relative or friend to do it for them.

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