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Lucky Hare Brewing offers new option for Mother’s Day

If you’ve done the mimosas/eggs benedict for Mother’s Day before and are wondering if you have another option, the answer is yes. Reserve your seat for the “Mama Needs a Beer” experience at Lucky Hare Brewing this year. The event featuresburgers, beer, and Foxi Flora’s handmade botanical package. Orders may be placed through May 5, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. Only the Foxi Flora Botanical Package is available for Press Bay. All three packages available at the Hector Tap Room. Order online HERE.
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“We believe switching things up keeps life interesting,” said Ian Conboy, vice president of sales and marketing at Lucky Hare Brewing. “We’ve designed this event to celebrate mothers in a new, creative, and fun-spirited way with three packages so you can choose what level your Mama truly needs this year.”
Questions? Contact[email protected].

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